Personal experiences and accounts of those affected: traumatised people describe what has helped them to overcome their trauma.

The good news is: broken hearts can heal. The sun will shine again. Light penetrates even the deepest darkness. Your soul will breathe again. Prisoners will be set free. Chains will be broken, oppression removed. Loads will be lifted. Life will become possible again. I’m firmly convinced of this. I’ve seen it for myself. And with me many others who share their story here with those who need hope more than they need their daily bread. Because there is hope! “You will rejoice again…” – promises the Healer of Hearts, also known as the “Man of Sorrows”.

The people who share their stories here are real people. Their names have been changed for their protection. Only I, Christel (Crystal), am writing under my own name, and also the spiritual counsellor, who has agreed to add some comments. Of course she cannot guarantee her tips will help, none of us can. All we can do is share our stories and hope that somewhere there is a tiny spark that lights a light for you and gives you a glimmer of hope for the courage you need today.

We all recount what has given us hope. We are all Christians. And we all know that it is the power of the risen Jesus alone (the “Man of Sorrows”) that heals broken hearts. The power that gives new life, where everything seems to have died. The power that makes the desert bloom. For Jesus, the Christ, knows all about death: he conquered it. We pray together that the mystery of his power may touch you and make you curious…

It is possible: you will rejoice again. Joy will come. Welcome to the Land of Light.


PS: According to biblical recommendation every story has been confirmed by two witnesses.

PPS: Jesus says to his followers, “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8) Therefore this is a non-profit website. No money is earned, neither with tips, literature nor other references. Please understand that mails cannot usually be answered.

Translated by: Karen Kersten